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Taking chances provides opportunities, Allows for learning, personal growth

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Published: Sunday, November 11, 2012

Updated: Sunday, February 3, 2013 14:02

Taking chances.

We're often told to take chances because it might change our lives or it might make us see something differently. But how many of us actually do it?

All too often, we become comfortable with where we are in life, and we don't want to lose that. So we stay put in our safe, cozy, cushioned lives.

Maybe there isn't anything wrong with that. As a freshman in college, I think it's important to get out and take chances. If we don't take chances on ourselves or others, we settle. We're too young to settle.

Taking chances allow us to grow, and that is an important concept of the college life. We don't necessarily have to grow to become someone completely different than we were when we walked in, but we should certainly aim for a better understanding of ourselves, knowledge in different subjects and social skills. If we don't grow, what are we here for?

Chances also allow us to see what it's like “on the other side.” We often become so caught up in our own beliefs and judgments that we don't want to risk the fact that we may be wrong. So it's important to take a chance on someone you've just met. What you perceive is probably only skin deep and that person has had a whole life before them that has made them look or act the way they do today. Take a chance and get to know them – they could become your best friend.

Taking chances is also a way of knowing what is – or isn't – right for you. Taking classes that aren't within your core area of study is a good way of determining that. If you take a class and have no idea what's going on, then you know it isn't right for you. If you hadn't taken it, you wouldn't have known. If it isn't right for you, you have added something new in your knowledge-base. You could also find that you absolutely love the class and you might even add or change your major. Your future path might forever be changed because you took a chance. That's an incredible thing.

We've all already taken a chance. Coming to college is a risk for many. Most of us don't have our parents here to constantly tell us to go to bed or do our homework. Most of us are risking a lot of money in hopes that the knowledge we learn will benefit us someday. Maybe I'm not experienced enough to make this call yet, but I feel like I'm getting my money's worth. I would have never known if I wouldn't have sent in that application.

When we don't take chances, we don't grow. So maybe when you see someone you'll take a chance on being their friend or register for a class that is outside of your comfort zone. Taking a chance could change your life.

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