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Students weigh in on campus jobs


Published: Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Updated: Wednesday, October 3, 2012 13:10


When you’re at school, where do you get money to buy food, etc.? 

Colby Regier, Junior:  When I am at school, I get my money to buy food and other things from working as a Resident Assistant in the dorms.

Lindsay Dahl, sophomore: I use money earned from the summer, this year however, I have an on-campus job, which is mainly to make money specifically for those items.

Mallory Kleoppel, sophomore: I have worked all summer to save up for this precious moment in my life, and I also am a student ambassador here on the lovely campus.

What do you think should be offered at the school if you can’t work on-campus jobs because you’re institutional, not federal? 

Colby Regier, Junior: I think there should be more jobs offered around campus wide because there is always the ability for each different internal system on this campus that could use more help.  It is easy to find but hard to set up these types of jobs.  Any business can use minimum wage labor.

Lindsay Dahl, sophomore: I know fewer jobs are offered for institutional students, so even though I’m federally funded, I do think more (different) jobs should be offered for them, but not in competition with federally funded students, because the general idea is that those students do not have the spare money. 

Mallory Kleoppel, sophomore: I think that more jobs should be offered to the institutional student. They shouldn’t be penalized that their parents make more money than others. 

How do you feel about institutional vs. federal? 

Colby Regier, Junior: I feel that it is a system that is good but needs to be looked over more and adjusted to the current economy to include the people that really need it. Most college kids need federal help in college these days.

Lindsay Dahl, sophomore: Many of these kids need all the help they can get. Not that it is a bad thing. Some kids are coming from single-parent houses, therefore half the income. Also, there are some jobs around campus that are offered to institutional students.  When it comes down to it, both types of students are just trying to get through college with as little debt coming out. Are there equal opportunities for both federal and institutional students, I don’t’ know. I do know both students have to compete for jobs on campus, regardless.

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