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Student athletes find different ways to organize their time

Playing sports and going to school can feel like a full-time job for student athletes, but students


Published: Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Updated: Wednesday, October 17, 2012 13:10


Time management is a critical skill in college. For a student athlete this skill is even more important. On any typical day a student athlete may have three or four classes to attend, plus the homework for each class, maybe study time for a midterm or the next big test, plus a game to play.  

In addition, many times student athletes have to miss class for their sport or club event. This is another challenge they must overcome.  Nino Straub, a senior cross-country runner, offers advice that any student can use. 

“I make sure to stay in contact with my professors,” Straub said. “That way I can know what I will be missing to make sure I get the work done on time.”

Senior basketball player Andrew Gutshenritter has another tip.  

 “I manage my time by doing what is important first, this way I can have time to do extracurricular activities,” Gutshenritter said. “Staying on top of school work is what allows me to play basketball without falling behind in class.” 

Jenna Larson, a sophomore cheerleader, shares the same attitude as Gutshenritter.  

 “Having a schedule and writing down my tasks by importance is a way I keep my priorities in order,” Larson said.

Technology also aids many students with their daily routine.

“I keep track of my daily events with my cell phone or iPad,” Gutshenritter said. “I set a reminder for each event to notify me when that particular event is happening.”

“Having my obligations listed on my phone is essential for me,” Straub said. “I have a good memory, but this way I can always be notified of every event I have.”

 “My calendar on my phone has all my events and each one gives me a reminder before the event occurs,” Larson said.

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