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Media plays helpful, unhelpful roles in Dorner case


Published: Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Updated: Tuesday, February 19, 2013 19:02


The gun control question has come up again in a case involving an officer gone rogue.

Christopher Dorner, a former Los Angeles Police Department officer, waged a war on his former department over his firing and was linked to three deaths.

Police connected Dorner to the murders of a former police captain’s daughter and her fiancé when he posted an angrily worded status threatening the LAPD.

In the ensuing week, police searched for Dorner all over the Southwest and Mexico. Dorner opened fire on two patrol cars in the process, taking an officer’s life.

The manhunt ended last week when the cabin Dorner was inside burned down because he refused to give himself up. In a shootout before the stand-off, a deputy was shot and killed.

Sometime in the process of the cabin burning, there was a single gunshot heard. A charred body was found inside.

So, what is implied here is a man lost it in the head a little because he was fired from his job.... and vowed to harm all those who were involved.

It is believable, and very well may be true, but it seems so unsure. There was no connection to the first murders and then Dorner just tells on himself. He then kills officers and gets away easy.

Through this whole chase, how often was Dorner seen? From the time police started looking for him to the end in the cabin, there was no proof of Dorner killing anyone.

Even his death could be questioned. Police were chasing him, and he hid in a cabin, and was not heard from again. There was only reports of a single “gunshot” and a “charred body” at the scene.

Maybe this happened. Maybe it’s true. I’m not judging so much as questioning. You can’t just believe everything you’re told. It all seems so cut-and-dry.

Another wrinkle in this is that Dorner had supporters. Dorner was an African American man, and the LAPD has been at odds with the black community since long before the Rodney King beatings.

In Dorner’s Facebook post, he claimed the LAPD is racist and corrupt, and ruined his life. Dorner has, and is still receiving support because of his idea to go against the system.

It almost brings a question to mind. Was Dorner really that bitter that he blamed LAPD for his misfortunes? Or is the police department covering up a continuous problem?

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