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Seniors cope with start of final semester

Entertainment Editor

Published: Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Updated: Wednesday, February 6, 2013 09:02


Jenna Lunger

After four years of college, the last semester can seem to drag on forever.

Sydnee Kruger has a lot on her plate. Not only is she a senior, she also is involved in Campus Activities Board, Student Senate, Senior Core, has a job in the Student Affairs office and has an off-campus job.

Balancing the work load that comes from being a senior and being involved in so much gets tough, but Kruger pushes through it.

“I just know what my priorities are and stick to them,” Kruger said. “Obviously, school comes first, then work and then I get to go have fun.”

Becca Dunlop is also a senior who is very involved. Dunlop is on the softball team and is currently the Senior RA in Martin Hall. Dunlop said she has slacked off during her last semester, coming down with the dreaded “senioritis”.

“I try really hard not to procrastinate, but after being in college for so long, I just want to be done already and get out of Ottawa,” Dunlop said.

Lexy Lauzon, senior, feels the same way on the senioritis issue.

“I noticed I was coming down with seniorities during the middle of last semester,” Lauzon said. “It is so much easier to go out with friends than sit and do your homework. And sleeping in sounds so much more appealing than going to class.”

Lauzon’s cure for her senioritis issue is to keep telling herself she is almost done.

“I just keep telling myself that I am so close to getting my degree and that slacking off will just result in more work than I want to put in,” Lauzon said.

After completing her senior comprehensive, Lauzon just wanted to be done right then and there; but second semester came and she knew she had to finish strong.

“It was hard coming back after I worked so hard to finish senior comps but I came back with that degree on my mind and that is motivation enough,” Lauzon said.

Dunlop uses time management to get her through her last semester.

“I try hard to have a plan on what I am going to do for the day, that way I am not as stressed out,” Dunlop said. “It does not always work out the way I want it to though, but I just tell myself to do good the first time around because it will be worse the second time.”

Kruger, on the other hand, said she has not experienced senioritis at all.

“It has not really hit me yet that I am graduating in four months,” Kruger said. “I guess that is why I don’t feel the need to slack off because it is almost like it is not true; that I am really not graduating this semester.”


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