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Procrastination bad idea for students wishing to finish strong


Published: Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Updated: Tuesday, April 9, 2013 16:04

Students often find themselves racing the clock to turn in assignments, which are due in matters of minutes.  Everyone needs to try and get these deadlines met before the actual due date.

When a teacher assigns some homework or a project and they have a deadline, try to complete this a couple of days before the actual due date.  Procrastination can be a killer when it comes to schoolwork.

I know it is hard to try and get something done before the deadline, but trust me, this will relieve so much unwanted stress in your life.

It will always be easier to just push back assignments and go do something fun with your friends, or just play some video games.  If you can avoid these temptations and complete the task, it will allow for free time in the long run.

Another reason to turn in work before the due date is if the teacher assigned a paper to be turned in, the professor can look over the paper and send it back to you with some editing to improve your grade.  Plus it will show your professor how much work you put into the paper and show how much you really care about your grade in the class.

Being able to push off responsibilities is such an easy thing to do.

Just imagine if our professors pushed back on turning in grades for the semester.  Think about your employer pushing back giving you your paycheck.  All of these events would be terrible to experience and they shed light on the dangers of procrastination.

Many students claim they do better under the pressure of a deadline lingering in the hours to come.  I personally don’t believe in this theory, and I feel they would actually do much better getting assignments done before the deadline.

I realize every student is different in his or her study methods.  I just hope this article will cause those who procrastinate to think twice the next time they have an assignment due within a couple of days.  I promise it will pay off in the long run.

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