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Night classes create advantages, disadvantages

Published: Monday, February 8, 2010

Updated: Monday, February 8, 2010 19:02

Though some students prefer morning and afternoon classes, others like the option of night classes.

Even though night classes have an advantage of smaller class size, sleep schedules can be affected.

According to, evening oriented students show sleep debt during the week, sleep compensation during weekends, sleep-wake schedule irregularities, and late sleep-wake schedules.

This suggests that a disagreement among their sleep-wake cycles and the morning class schedules.

"I am currently taking a two hour and 45 minute night class, which is world geography,"

Chanel Watkins, sophomore, said. "I feel as if the night students are at a disadvantage when it comes to morning and afternoon classes versus night class alone because our day is pretty much never over."

Some students feel like a night class would take away from some of the activities they may want to participate in during the late class hours.  Kiera Wilson is one of these students.

"I would like to study or be in bed by seven and would really prefer morning classes over night classes," Wilson said.

The night classes on the Ottawa University campus tend to be a smaller and can create a more efficient learning environment.

Monique Carson is also taking world geography and thought that despite the fact the class is late and bit tiring, there are advantages to night class.

"I really don't feel as if we have the disadvantage but we have the advantage considering the better atmosphere of the night class," Carson said.

Smaller class size can lead to more class involvement and more in-depth class discussion.

"Because the environment of the night class is so much smaller than that of the morning and afternoon classes I actually become more involved, learn a little more, pay more attention, and ask more questions," Carson said.

Depending on the student and if they consider themselves a morning person or a night owl.  If they have other activities they wouldn't want the night class interfering with, then the preferment of the class choice may vary.


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