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Election should be taken seriously, opinions kept to oneself

Copy Editor

Published: Monday, November 12, 2012

Updated: Monday, November 12, 2012 13:11

Everyone knows that our college age demographic statistically does not show up to the polls as much as they should.

I was very pleased this year to see so many students getting involved in the election and voicing their opinion. Hopefully, they voiced their opinion by voting, for most, probably the first time.

Unfortunately, I noticed many people, not necessarily just college students, voicing their opinion a little too much in the last month or so. Not everyone is a political guru, but apparently everyone felt like they were lately.

Like I said, glad to hear our age group talking about politics at all, but the way information was broadcasted on Facebook and Twitter was quite frankly embarrassing. Instead of using arguments based on fact, there were parodies and silly rhymes.

Since this was my first opportunity to vote I took it very seriously.

I also recognized that living in Kansas I knew where my vote was going regardless of my decision. Therefore, I kept my mouth and my social media, shut.

The Presidential election is a really huge deal and I know many students were excited to vote for the first time, but the president is not the only person we were voting for. There were also local elections that can affect our lives just as much if not more.

I hope all of these newfound political buffs took the time to research the candidates in the local area as well because they really are just as important.

If many people really did find a new interest in politics, that’s great, especially for our age group.

I am just concerned that people let themselves get caught up in the presidential hype.

When it is election time again in two years for the house and the senate, which only happens every six years, I hope just as many people are involved, informed and ready to vote.

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