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Twitter use borders on hurtful, exposes ignorance


Published: Sunday, November 11, 2012

Updated: Monday, November 12, 2012 13:11

I have yet to give in and get a Twitter account, but a majority of my friends have one and I hear a lot about this social media tidal wave.  Twitter has taken over cell phone notifications from millions of people around the globe, and to me a lot of it is unnecessary banter. 

I am not saying that everything about Twitter is pointless, just that a majority of it isn’t needed.

Some of the unique aspects of Twitter are being able to follow an athlete, actor/actress or anyone famous.  With this, followers can see what their celebrity icon is up to at a moment’s notice, and give followers a chance to see what a celebrity goes through on a day-to-day basis.

The parts about Twitter that are absurd are the overuse of a simple keyboard symbol, the hash tag.  I have never seen a symbol in front of words that aren’t spaced before in my life (#toomuchtwitterforme).  That was really tough for me to even type. 

What is sad is when people use the phrase “hash tag” during face to face conversations. It is just annoying. 

People who fight on Twitter is another annoyance. It takes a mature person to type no more than 140 characters to someone else, and then end that message with a sarcastic hash tag phrase. 

In turn it clogs up everyone’s Twitter feed with pointless bickering between fellow followers.  Leave the Twitter feed for people who actually have something funny to say or that have more important news than a silly fight.

All in all, I believe that Twitter is a positive social media network when used in the correct way. People tweeting about absolutely nothing or tweeting hurtful messages to other followers is what needs to be weeded out of the Twitter world. 

I am not writing so that everyone that reads this will delete their Twitter account.  I am writing so hopefully readers will lay back on the pointless tweets and think more about what they post on Twitter. 

Use those 140 characters to look intelligent, not ignorant.

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