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New Gibby

Entertainment Editor

Published: Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Updated: Tuesday, February 19, 2013 17:02

Ottawa University’s school mascot, Gibby, has not been at many sporting events lately because of concerns over the mascot costume.

The current costume is seen as unfit and the student senate is debating whether or not to purchase a new one.

The current mascot, senior Sarah Carr, is unable to wear the costume a whole game due to the conditions of the costume and potential health hazards.

“The current suit that we have is truly not that great,” Carr said. “The wear and tear is noticeable.”

The student senate is looking to purchase a suit that accommodates whoever wears the costume. The new suit would house a built-in fan.

Many students have concerns with the need for a new Gibby suit. However, those involved with Gibby feel a new suit is necessary.

“I feel a new Gibby suit would benefit the school quite well because everyone knows that a new one is needed,” Carr said, “If we get a new one, it would be easier to have Gibby in school activities, especially if the school got one with a fan built inside of it.”

Spirit Coordinator Shayla Jacob said the new suit would benefit the school as a whole.

“I know there is currently talk about purchasing a new Gibby suit.” Jacob said, “A new suit is needed and would allow for the use of Gibby in a variety of places and activities besides just sporting events here at the Ottawa campus.”

As far as the efforts in order to purchase a new suit, Carr said she feels gratitude toward student senate.

“The only program that I know that is trying to get a new Gibby is Student Senate because it has been brought up in meetings and no one else really wants to pay for it, so student senate was going to step in and help.” Carr said.

Student senate knows there is a need for a new costume, but other priorities might prevail.

“The student senate has a limited budget at the moment, and we are looking at other ways to spend it to benefit the students, which is what our organization is meant to do,” senate member Jeff Stamp said. “We know a new costume is needed, but we are unsure yet on how the students will react if that is what our money goes towards.”

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