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New year brings growth, opportunities

Don’t try to force maturity

This year was pretty good. Sure, bad things happened, but there were also good things for the nation, the world and us as individuals and as a staff. Full story

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  • Staying afloat with loads of homework

    Being in college can be truly difficult. I suppose that’s why they don’t just hand out diplomas. There is so much to learn and so little time in order to do so. And if that’s not enough, there are deadlines and grades on top of that.

  • Volleyball: This is no love like 'cover love'

    College is notorious for making or breaking the young minds that dare to enter secondary education. This is a big stressor that college students face and when you throw athletics into the mix, it seems like you’re just asking for a psychotic break down.

  • Getting prepared for Halloween

    The wonders of the Halloween season are upon us and I am so excited!

  • Is social media hurting your education?

    You’re up all night doing homework, but you get sidetracked by the newest Vine videos; next thing you know, you’ve wasted two hours scrolling through 5 second videos that have nothing to do with the Macroeconomic test you have in the morning.

  • The pros and cons of living off-campus

    Reflecting upon a solid 6 weeks of off-campus living, I feel (at least partially) qualified to discuss the pros and cons of the situation. In case you are considering moving off campus at semester, next year, or are just curious, here’s my take on the situation.

  • The game plan #3

    Alright, alright, I'm sorry for the wait!

    See what I mean about not revealing the date and how it creates eagerness?

  • The game plan #2

    Have you had enough time to get yourself looking like a million bucks?

    If you answered yes, then keep on reading.

    If you answered no, then read previous segment of The Game Plan.

  • The game plan: how to prepare for a date

    As the temperature starts to drop the number of cuddle buddy applications grow.

  • Brown Hall home to frustration, opportunities for new students

    I live in Brown hall and at first I didn’t believe the saying that it was the party hall until I realized that the nightlife is pretty much the same as the day. There are still people showering roaming round the halls and playing games late into the night.

  • Avoid 'Freshman 15' with healthy eating habits

    Maintaining healthy eating habits in college can sometimes be harder than trying to pass Gospels class. 

  • All people deserve respect

    I got married this summer and moved into an old house that has been converted into apartments. And that’s when “the bubbas” entered my life’s narrative.

  • Faith: God provides for needs

    At some point in my early days of high school, I created a bucket list of aspirations for my life.

  • Saving Money Necessary for Students, Provides Financial Preparation for Future

    Money becomes more prevalent in our lives as we get older.

  • Xbox 720 or PS4: Which system is better?

    In the last several years, video gamers have had one question that has yet to be answered. Which game system is better, the PlayStation 4 or the Xbox 720? Both systems should be released to the public late this year.

  • Procrastination bad idea for students wishing to finish strong

    Students often find themselves racing the clock to turn in assignments, which are due in matters of minutes.  Everyone needs to try and get these deadlines met before the actual due date.

  • Tips to striding through the rest of the semester successfully

    It's almost the end of the semester. I don't know about you, but I'm struggling. The weather is finally starting to warm up, the days are getting longer, and my drive to do school work is declining. Summer is rapidly approaching, and I am ecstatic. But the semester is not over. There are still papers due, weekly assignments and, of course, finals.

  • R-E-S-P-E-C-T

    There should be more emphasis on respect in college

    Respect. It can mean a lot of different things. A lack of it can affect people in different ways. Unfortunately, I see a lack of respect in a lot of different ways. From how we act in class, to what goes on in the dorms, to the way men treat women (and sometimes the way women treat men).

  • Which is better: iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy III, or Droid RAZR M?

    Which phone is really better--the iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy III or the Droid RAZR M?

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  • Information age leads to nosiness

    We almost need to know too much. In the media, moral dilemmas arise because of the nature of American business practice.

  • Message of Faith: Human creativiy points to grandeur of God

    When I think masterpiece, I think of the music of Mozart and Beethoven, the art of Picasso and Michelangelo, or the works of Shakespeare and Mark Twain.

  • food

    Lack of options in cafeteria difficult for people with religious practices, allergies

    After going on numerous college visits, one of the things I enjoyed at Ottawa University was the food. Feel free to call me crazy

  • Earth's use of resources appalling, would disappoint aliens


    I've always wondered what would happen if aliens visited Earth. As much as many of us would like to think they would be impressed, I don't think so. Between our usage of the internet, our day-to-day activities and our treatment of others, I think they would choose to come back in another light-year or so.

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  • Message of Faith: Tearing Down the Wall of Shame

    Perhaps the most heinous offense one can commit while in a relationship is to cheat. It wreaks havoc on marriages, harbors a lack of trust and obliterates camaraderie.

  • Media plays helpful, unhelpful roles in Dorner case

    The gun control question has come up again in a case involving an officer gone rogue.

  • skipping

    Skipping Class

    Is attending every class important for your success in college? Maybe. Maybe not. But there are consequences to every decision you make, not only here in college but also in the “real world” that is waiting for us on the other side of graduation.

  • Women's sports on TV

    Thanks to a sports communication class I am taking this semester I realized how scant the coverage of women sports is in mass media. It is true that women have gained plenty of space in several different environments in the United States. However, when we refer to this topic, it is a different reality.

  • Some things better left unsaid

    It's OK to be open about some things. It's OK to feel like you can trust some people. It's OK to like to share parts of your life with friends. But it is NOT OK to basically tell the whole class your life story.

  • How safe are we, really?

    When choosing a college, you want to find a place that fits your personality well, along with your academic and sometimes athletic desires. 

  • Message of Faith: Discovering God's grace in unusual places

    In high school, I was in an abusive relationship for nearly two years.

  • Ottawa University: Home, sweet home


    At times, it is very true that Ottawa University does not feel like college but more like high school. To me though, it is the perfect fit. 

  • palin

    Feminism: Women need equal rights

    The word “feminist” is often labeled as a man-hating, bra-burning, whiney brat. In today’s world, feminists have developed a tarnished reputation.

  • guns

    Gun Control: Disarming America

    Sometimes everything is not what it seems. Recently, there have been out-of-the-ordinary instances of death and violence in America that are horrifying to imagine.

  • Taking chances provides opportunities, Allows for learning, personal growth

    Taking chances. We're often told to take chances because it might change our lives or it might make us see something differently. But how many of us actually do it? All too often, we become comfortable with where we are in life, and we don't want to lose that.

  • Editorial: Americans should vote based on qualifications, not race

    I feel more confused than ever. Last Tuesday, the presidential election may have provided some of the most discouraging, underlying truths about our country that seemed almost nonexistent four years prior. I am a 21-year-old senior student-athlete, with a love for sports journalism and a knack for fashion.

  • Election should be taken seriously, opinions kept to oneself

    Everyone knows that our college age demographic statistically does not show up to the polls as much as they should. I was very pleased this year to see so many students getting involved in the election and voicing their opinion. Hopefully, they voiced their opinion by voting, for most, probably the first time.

  • #TooMuchTwitter

    Twitter use borders on hurtful, exposes ignorance

    I have yet to give in and get a Twitter account, but a majority of my friends have one and I hear a lot about this social media tidal wave.  Twitter has taken over cell phone notifications from millions of people around the globe, and to me a lot of it is unnecessary banter.

  • Message of faith: Election outcome does not surprise God

    As long as I can remember my parents keeping up with the presidential elections, I have always had an opinion. I grew up around and loved politics, even taking the time to respectfully challenge my high school teachers’ expressed views. All of these things considered, I’m intrigued by the fact that my first presidential election also happened to be the first election in which I disliked both candidates.

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