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Advantages, Disadvantages of Living off Campus

Published: Monday, October 22, 2007

Updated: Saturday, February 14, 2009 12:02


Allyson Weldy, senior, studies while eating a snack at her apartment. Weldy is one of many students who have chosen to reside off campus this year. The town of Ottawa offers many living opportunities from apartments to duplexes or even splitting rent on a house.

What is the big deal with students moving off campus? Is it because students feel like they have more freedom to do as they wish? It is because the residence halls are too restricted and have too many rules? In the long run, is it cheaper to live off campus?

"I'm a senior and my buddy bought a house I live with him it's a lot cheaper," Brad Snow Ottawa, Kan. said.

OU has requirements that students have to meet before moving off- campus if anyone has questions requirements are listed in the handbook.

"Roommates make it a lot cheaper; you usually keep the same amount of loans, but use the extra money to pay for utility's, rent, and groceries," Allyson Weldy, Lindsborg, said.

Living off campus is becoming popular these days. The cost to live on campus for one year is about $5,542 including meals. Students have found it cheaper to live off campus and split the bills with roommates.

"Life off campus for me is not only cheaper but, hassle free of RA's and rules. Personal freedom overall is a better fit for my standards," Rachel Brown Tulsa, Okla. said.

Moving off campus changes student's responsibilities and opportunities. They're responsible for cooking their own food, paying rent and utilities each month.

When students choose to live off campus they miss out on a lot of activities that happen, like going down the hall to visit your friends, or taking a study break with roommates to get ice-cream. It's a different atmosphere when students stay on campus.

"I moved back to campus, because I love how convenient it is to roll out of bed ten minutes before class. I feel more involved with OU and the girls in Martin. I love hanging out and having girls night. It's made my senior year most memorable," Tiffanie Belknap, senior, said.

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